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Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe defends her line like a baws.
Photo: Getty Images

Even the heaviest of hitters take a hit once in a while. But it aint over ‘til it’s over.

+Rachel Zoe was not impressed with the Page Six blasphemy (printed back in August) about her collection's low sales. But such misfortune makes for reality TV greatness, so Zoe took to the airwaves to silence dem h8rs!

{via The Hollywood Reporter}

+The latest issue of CR Fashion Book suggests that editrix Carine Roitfeld went back on her word to never feature a cigarette in an editorial. Oh, Irreverent Carine!

{via Fashionista}

+Hedi Slimane’s divisive Saint Laurent collection prompted confusion during Paris Fashion Week, but the collection was christened by one of fashion's top bananas, swiftly making popular opinion trivial.

{via Racked National}

+We'll defend our boy Justin to the death, so let it be known that Biebsy went shirtless on his birthday for mere practical reasons, okay?

{via Justin Bieber's Twitter}

+And if you're ever just having a DAY and find yourself on the receiving end of a disingenuous, “Smile, sweetie!”, the below is for you.

{via Jezebel}

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