Miley Cyrus' Hair Slicked Back Or Spiked Up: Which Do You Like Better?

Miley Cyrus Slicked Back Hair

Miley Cyrus with a slicked-back and spiky 'do.
Photo: @MileyCyrus' Twitter/Getty Images

If there's one thing Miley Cyrus likes to do in her free time, it's play with her hair. No, seriously—we're, like, 90% sure it's become her part-time job. Whether she's dying her tips bluish-blond or trimming her top strands, she refuses to stop having fun with her short 'do, and we're TOTALLY not mad at that! In her latest hair escapade, she didn't dye or cut her 'do, but instead let hair stylist Christian Marc give her a totally fresh look just by adding a deep side part and a healthy amount of pomade. This slick 'do paired with her super dark brows is giving us serious '60s vibes, and we LOVE it.

Miley Cyrus Slick Hair

Miley Cyrus gettin' her hair did.
Photo: @ChristianMarc's Instagram

Lately, Miley has been styling her blonde tips upwards into a mini faux-hawk for a '90s, punky look, but we have to say we're seriously impressed with how a part and pomade can really transform her entire face! From the front we can see that Christian added a perfect little pomp to make it a touch more stylized, and we're kiiiind of obsessed. But we want to know what you think—do you like Miley's hair better slicked back or spiky? Let us know in the comments below!

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