Beyonce Goes Platinum Blonde For New 'Mrs. Carter Show' Promo Image


Beyonce is blonde in her new "The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour" promo images.
Photo: Courtesy of Beyonce's Facebook

STOP THE PRESSES. Beyonce just uploaded a new promo image for her The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, and she is platinum blonde. That's right, people. PLAT. I. NUM. BLONDE. I can't. Granted, we recognize that there are a bajillion mind-blowing things that Photoshop can do, and Bey has certainly embraced the software's digital magic powers in the name of Pepsi more than once before (see: this Super Bowl lip color switch and last month's pop art ad). We are also well-aware that this could just be a really good wig (when you cover Vogue Power Issue, you have the clout to source that kind of stuff). HOWEVER, you can't blame us for getting a little excited about a major beauty change like this.

I mean, LOOK AT HER! Can you even remember the last time Beyonce's hair wasn't within two hex codes of honey blonde? (Yes, I just referred to HTML while talking about hair color. U MAD??) It's so edgy and unexpected. Such a refreshing change of pace! Unfortunately, we're, like, 80% sure this is the work of some digital (or postiche) Houdini since it plays so unmistakably close to the Pepsi red, white, and blue color palette, but we can't ignore that the über-flaxen look is also a HUGE hair color trend at the moment. Just yesterday, Miley upped her platinum, but she's just one of a looooong list of ladies whipping white-blonde hair right now: Iggy Azalea, Rita Ora, Nicki Minaj, Christina Aguilera, Ke$ha, and of course, Gwen Stefani. Could Beyonce be the next long-term addition? Probably not, but better believe we'll keep maniacally checking her Instagram for it anyway!

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