Wait, Nicki Minaj Designed A Collection Of Clothes For Her Pink Friday Perfume Bottle? Yep.

Nicki Minaj and her Pink Friday perfume in the Duchess of Pink Couture by Minaj ensemble.
Photo: Getty Images/@NickiMinaj’ Twitter

It’s been a weird day, y’all. For some reason we just can’t stop falling into the dark side of the internet (see: this), and when we heard the latest Nicki Minaj news, we knew it was officially time for the interwebs to call it quits. Everything started off so normal, too. Yesterday, Nicki tweeted, “UK Barbz, It’s official. My Pink Friday fragrance launches @Selfridges on March 14th! I have something special 4U! Get ready #COUTUREBYMINAJ,” to which we responded “YASSSS” out-loud directly at our computer screens. Then, she unveiled three Pink Friday perfume bottles (or so we thought) with new, decked-out designs. Now, if you haven’t already seen her bottle, it’s basically a gold bust of Ms. Minaj wearing a pink wig and white bustier. These new bottles had different ensembles than the original and were called “Duchess of Pink,” “Starships Minaj,” and “Whip It Like Minaj.” So, we’re like, “Oh! Cute! Three new limited-edition bottles will be sold exclusively at Selfridges starting mid March. Sweeeet.” But, dear friends, we were so, so wrong.

Nicki Minaj and her Pink Friday perfume in the Starships Minaj Couture by Minaj ensemble.
Photo: Getty Images/@NickiMinaj’ Twitter

As it turns out, these aren’t new bottles, y’all—these are outfits Nicki designed to be put on the bottles. Yeah, read that again. Outfits for bottles. Bottles wearing outfits. Half outfits to be worn by armless, legless inanimate containers. It all became clear on the Nicki Minaj Beauty Facebook page where they said, “To celebrate the first Pink Friday on 15th March you can get your hands on a collection of Couture By Minaj outfits to dress up your Pink Friday bottle. These limited edition outfits have been designed in partnership with Nicki as a special treat for UK Barbz.” Wait, WUT? *rubs eyes* This collection of bottle outfits actually has a name? Yep! It’s called Couture by Minaj. Awesome. In the first Duchess of Pink “look” (top), Nicki was inspired by her Harajuku Barbie ensemble from last spring, which had a lace-up corset and pink beret. Then, in the purple and yellow Starships Minaj hooded perfume bottle “ensemble,” she took inspiration from her out-of-this-world NBA performance outfit from last year. For the Whip It Like Minaj “outfit” (below), she decided to have her perfume go balls-out badass in a gold studded leather cap and vest.

Nicki Minaj and her Pink Friday perfume in the Whip It Like Minaj Couture by Minaj ensemble.
Photo: @DJClue’s Instagram/@NickiMinaj’ Twitter

But, like, we have SO many questions about this. Does the outfit come off? How does it stay on? It is connected at the bottom? Is there a seam? Is it like a glove? Does this mean we can put Couture by Minaj on other things? Can it double as a beer koozie? Can we put it on our cat? Will it even FIT on our cat? What about a hamster? Will it fit on that? WE. NEED. TO. KNOW. *gasps for breath* If you’re in London, do us a favor and snatch one up for us, will you? We’ll pay you back with a super awkward hug sesh. Please? Either way, we want to know what you think of Nicki’s new Couture by Minaj line. Let us know in the comments below!

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