Demi Lovato Talks Shopping And Performance Style For 'VEVO Stylized' Video

Demi Lovato

A still from Demi Lovato's "VEVO Stylized" video.
Photo: Courtesy of DemiLovatoVEVO

The more we learn about Demi Lovato's attitude toward fashion, the more we desperately want to go shopping with her. We're still waiting for that perfect opportunity to hit the racks with D, but in the latest episode of VEVO Stylized, we get a little taste of what it might be like. Demi and her stylist Soulmaz Vosough shop for Miss Lovato's recent trip to the UK and London Fashion Week. They sift through what looks like a curated Topshop selection (of COURSE) and dive deep on Demi's fashion philosophy and current favorites all while soundtracked to D's new single "Heart Attack."

On top of her music, fashion is another vehicle for self-expression for Demi. "I feel like the way you express yourself on the outside has a lot to do with the way you are on the inside," she explains. Both D and Soulmaz describe her style as a kind of finessed combination of glamour, rock, and chic elements. Major statement pieces are a current go-to for Demi whether it's big necklaces or all-over spiked leather jackets (ATTN LOVATICS: the moment these two decide on Demi's L.A. Topshop opening performance outfit is caught on film here). "The most important thing for me is for her to feel comfortable and confident in what she's wearing," Soulmaz reveals, but adds that there are certain elements of her personality she tries to infuse into every outfit, "I want them to see the edgy side of her, her character, how fun she is, how down-to-earth she is." See it all for yourself in the full video below!


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