Taylor Swift Is Delicately Windblown On 'Vanity Fair' April Cover

Taylor Swift on the April issue of Vanity Fair.
Photo: Vanity Fair

Has the time come for Taylor Swift to stop playing dress up and start acting serious? While we never thought our Swifty would give up her girly girl, magic fairyland ways, her recent Vanity Fair cover has us thinking that maybe there are more mature days to come for the pop-country mega star. Maybe it all started when she began wearing pants on the regular, or when she did that sultry quick-change at the Brit awards, but there's a change afoot for our girl. Taylor graces the April issue of Vanity Fair, and the tight, windswept portrait seems to usher in this new age of her girlhood. Taylor poses with minimal makeup, maybe a little highlighter to make her deep blue eyes pop, her hair a mess, in an ornate jeweled dress and matching wrap, her hands draped over an acoustic guitar. This is one we can't wait to see fashion credits for, also, not because of the dress, which is beautiful, but because of Taylor's A+ ring game. Two cuff rings and an incredible sapphire grace the singers fingers, and we desperately want to know where she (or the shoot's stylist, more likely) acquired them. Forget about boys and gossip, tell us about the stuff!

While we may be overstating Taylor's new found maturity, as the writer describes the singer's apartment as “Tim Burton–Alice in Wonderland–pirate ship–Peter Pan,” which is a combination of things we can easily imagine in theory but would REALLY like to see in practice, it does seem like Taylor has been gradually exploring and expanding her style over the past few years. Gone are the curly haired, peasant dress days, but maybe also not too long for this world are the demure, white dress days. Are we going to see Taylor taking more risks in the future? While there's nothing particularly groundbreaking about her VF shoot, we just get that feeling.

What do you think of Taylor Swift's Vanity Fair cover shoot?

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