'Gangsta' Singer Kat Dahlia Dishes On Miami Style And Mixing H&M With Versace In Exclusive Interview

Kat Dahlia

Kat Dahlia.
Photo: Courtesy of Kat Dahlia

We've liked Kat Dahlia for a while now, ever since her smoky soulful breakout single "Gangsta" debuted late last year. However, today the singer has dropped the song's video upon the world and well, let's just say we're officially obsessed. Shot in her Miami hometown, the clip follows the 21-year-old throughout her local haunts, with the same gritty flashbacks and shadowy edge that we've come to associate with the autobiographical track. Although Kat's vocal prowess is NOTHING new, something that wasn't quite so obvious— until now, that is— is her killer style. With a self-described "boho urban glam" wardrobe and an affinity for mixing designer and fast fashion, we got the chance to quiz her on all this and more when she stopped by MTV recently. Check out our exclusive interview with Kat Dahlia below!

Kat Dahlia

Kat Dahlia.
Photo: @MTVStyle Instagram

MTV Style: How would you describe your personal style?

KAT DAHLIA: I can be so eclectic at times and do so many different things, but I think creating your personal style is a process in growing up. I tend to steer toward a boho urban glam look, with flowy long skirts and cool patterns with a touch of glam. It really depends on what I feel like doing that day.

How did growing up in Miami influence your look?

Growing up, I was just a little beach bum; I wore a bathing suit and a long flowing dress and would just walk to the beach. And then when you'd go out at night you'd put on something sexy, but in the end it's very simple. The weather's so hot, there's not a lot you want to wear, anyways [laughing].

And now you're in New York, where it's freezing.

I've had to spend so much money on clothes since moving to New York! I've bought endless amounts of coats, tights, and you have to layer upon layer... such an issue. You're so cold and you're in this big a*** coat and so scruffed up, man. But on the flip side, you have more options, and can wear different things for the seasons.

Exactly. So, tell us about the outfit you're wearing right now.

I'm actually head to toe H&M right now! Well, except for this Versace necklace. I feel like I can do that, though! I can wear all H&M, and then as long as I've got my Versace necklace on, I'm chillin.'

Are you a big accessories person?

I'm SUCH a big accessories person, I never go anywhere without my Versace necklace! I just love Versace. I like things that are cool and flowy and then my strategy is to add a gaudy piece, like earrings or rings. Sometimes I think it's better for the jewelry to be the impact, rather than the clothes.

What's one onstage fashion tip that you've learned over the years?

I'm still learning, honestly! But one thing that I learned very quickly was not to wear anything too short, because I tend to do a lot of bendy stuff onstage. Also, don't wear anything that you'll get really hot in, because you get self conscious when you start sweating, and trust me when I say that's not sexy. It's not sexy at all. [laughing]

Check out her new "Gangsta" video now, and listen to more Kat Dahlia here.

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