Miley Cyrus Tints Her Hair 'Platinum'!

Miley Cyrus blue hair

Miley Cyrus shows off her new haircolor.
Photo: Pacific Coast News

To state the obvious, it has been a HUGE couple of months for Miley Cyrus and her hair. We all remember when the singer first took the short hair plunge back in the summer, right?! Then she went even shorter in the fall, revealing a close side-cropped 'do. And now, after inspiring fellow pixie fans like Lena Dunham to chop hers off and earning a slot on our Best Hair of 2012 list, the pop star has taken her new look up a notch, tinting her bottle-blonde locks EVEN lighter than before with shimmery silver highlights. She showed off the change in Los Angeles on Friday while heading into the studio, and subsequently sent Twitter into overdrive about her new "blue" color. However, Miley was quick to clear the air that the hue isn't actually blue like everyone originally thought.

"My hurr ain't blue. That s***** PLATINUM," she revealed on Twitter yesterday, also saying that she "just went heavy on that shimmer lights haha." We admit, judging from the photo above, her hair still looks sort of blue-tinged...but since lighting can be tricky and pictures can be deceiving, we're just going to take Miley's word for it. *shrugs* Whether you want to call her color blue or platinum or hey, even Bud Light Platinum (our personal favorite!), either way, we're into Miley's willingness to switch up her look in subtle and not so subtle ways. And even if you're not ready to go all the way and tint your hair like Miley, here's one thing you CAN copy: her outfit. Nab her '90s Crop Top from ASOS , Topshop Peg Trousers,

and similar spiked flats from Jeffrey Campbell, and ta da! Easy as one, two, three.

Before your start your online shopping spree, though, tell us what you think of Miley's new hair color!

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