M.I.A. Creates An Original Soundtrack For Kenzo's Fall 2013 Show At Paris Fashion Week

M.I.A. performing at Paris Fashion Week, and a look from Kenzo's Fall 2013 show.
Photo: Getty

Be still our hearts, for the Kenzo Fall 2013 show has them all aflutter. Beyond just presenting a collection filled with beautiful, lush, challenging silhouettes at Paris Fashion Week, Carole Lim and Humberto Leon also gave us the gift of some brand new music from M.I.A., which is something you KNOW we've been waiting for with bated breath. The eight and a half minute long Matangi Mixtape includes snippets of multiple new songs as well as countless beats and samples, and while we can't write many of the lyrics here, they contain that signature M.I.A. razor-wit and total lack of cowardice and we LOVE them. While representatives from Kenzo say that the mix is an "original song for the Kenzo 2013 show," we wonder if this isn't a preview into what we have coming from M.I.A. in the not so distant future. Whatever this is, we want more.

Ever since Carole and Humberto revitalized the brand, they have not only been designing some of our favorite looks each season, they have also been providing us with one of the most aurally stimulating shows of the year. For Spring 2012, the pair not only had a brown haired Chloe Sevigny walking, but they also had original music composed and performed by Jason Schwartzman. Similarly, Fall 2012 featured Diddy and Robyn in the front row, and a collection that solidified Kenzo's place in our hearts. For their Fall 2013 menswear show, the brand commissioned Jamie XX to create a "Jungle In the Sky" mix. So what will Spring 2014 bring? It's probably obvious by now, but we cannot WAIT to find out. In the meantime, stream M.I.A.'s mix here.

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