Frankie Sharp: These Are A Few Of His Favorite Things

Frankie Sharp.
Photo: Courtesy of Frankie Sharp/Paper Magazine

For those MTV Stylers who don't live in Manhattan and/or just don't have the downtown scoop, you can thank us right here, right now. Meet Frankie Sharp, the reigning prince of the debauchery guaranteed nightlife below 14th Street. His bananas bash (Westgay) at former strip-club (Westway), which has garnered a ‘The New York Times’ feature/a ‘Paper’ Magazine Nightlife Award, is seriously everythiiiiing. Reason #1: those gorge booty-bouncing go-go boys who, I must confess, I've hit on each and every week. Hates gon hate. *Hair flip* Also, AMAZING NEWSFLASH: just a few weeks ago, Mr. Sharp kicked off what might just be an even wilder party (!!!), “Frankie Sharp’s ‘Friday’ at Santo's Party House,” which already boasts killer performances from our weave whipping-friendly girls Natalia Kills, Brooke Candy and the First Lady of the Ruff Ryders aka EVE (!!!) Oh, and there's this, too: Frankie's vodka-chugging (OKAY MAYBE NOT ALL OF Y’ALL) attendees have included a range of uh-mazing Girl Power-ers like, you know, Lena Dunham, Kirsten Dunst, Carmen Electra aaand dynamite designer divas like Alexander Wang, the Proenza cuties, Prabal Gurung, Nicola Formichetti, Olivier Theyskens, and the freakishly fab like. More impressive than his famous friends = Frankie's head-turning, "you better werrrq!"-inducing numbers. TBH, I dream of one day "borrowing" some (see also: everything!!) of Frankie's Jeremy Scott magical menagerie. But there’s MORE: He’s BFF with Jeremy Scott/has modeled for him/and DJed his NYFW after-party. *Sigh* Alright, here we go...Frankie's Fave Things! ME-WOW!

Frankie Sharp's Jeremy Scott kimono.
Photo: Courtesy of Frankie Sharp

Favorite Statement Piece: Jeremy Scott Football Jersey Kimono and Marjan Pejoski Sequined Desert Storm Bomber.

Frankie Sharp's Madonna jacket.
Photo: Courtesy of Frankie Sharp

eBay Purchase: My Madonna Blonde Ambition Tour Jacket made famous in ‘TRUTH OR DARE’ which I saw with my father when I was 10 years old. WTF?

Stores: Opening Ceremony, OAK, Search & Destroy, Tokio 7 (I NEVER leave without scouring someone’s lost treasure. BEST resale consignment and 2 blocks from my apartment.) Nightlife promoter LadyFag does a great once a year street market called "PopSouk" where independent designers sell their amazing wares or even duds-turned-other people's treasures from their own closets. It’s genius, so fun and they serve bloody mary's and beer on tap!

Era: NOW. It’s every era in one and eras to come.

Celeb Crush: Tom Hardy & Diana Vreeland. God that’s pretty gay.

Style Icon: A mix between Tony Ward's character in ‘Hustler White,’ Johnny Depp in ‘Cry Baby,’ Chloe Sevigny in ‘Gummo’ and every character from ‘80s wrestling show ‘Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling’. Bold, graphic & often offensive. Never taking myself seriously.

Concert T-Shirt: I still have a tattered heather grey Les Miserable t-shirt from the show I went to when I was a weeping 8 year old musical theatre nerdette.

Jams to DJ: “Wut” - LE1f w/ 5kinAndBone5, “Masquerade” - Science, “Hot Spot” - Foxy Brown

Album Cover Art: Bjork’s ‘Homogenic’ by Nick Knight and styled by Alexander McQueen. COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fashion in a Music Video: Duh. "Too Funky" by George Michael. THIERRY MUGLER!!!!!

Frankie Sharp's Odeur 53 Commes des Garcons cologne.
Photo: Courtesy of Frankie Sharp

Cologne: Odeur 53 Comme des Garcons ALWAYS.

Frankie Sharp's motorcycle jacket.
Photo: Courtesy of Frankie Sharp

Jacket: I literally have 100 jackets. Top 5: Jeremy Scott Fringed Camo Parka, Marjan Pejoski Desert Storm Sequin Bomber, Jeremy Scott for Adidas Ruffled Bomber with plexiglass lettering on the back that says "ADIDAS," Engine Red "Budweiser" Bomber by Supreme, Madonna ‘Blonde Ambition’ Tour Jacket, and of course my staple "everyone has one" Motorcycle Jacket.

Frankie Sharp's tattoo.
Photo: Courtesy of Frankie Sharp

Tattoo: OH GOD. I was working in Tampa, Florida for some job I’ve long forgotten and let’s just say I got really bored and decided to hit up a bar and then promptly thereafter...A TATTOO SHOP. In a drunken stupor I got the word "RAD" tattooed on my left calf which I was super into being from Southern California BUT from the advice of the Hookah smoking dreaded Floridian girlfriend of my tattoo "artist," if you can call him that, I got the word "NESS" tattooed on the right side. Promptly upon my return to New York I covered it up with a GIANT inverted cross (which during the session I passed out, just to give you the idea of the scale of the tattoo). It felt bratty and offensive which was how I was feeling at the time. It means nothing to me now except for a segue into this unfortunate anecdote.

Underwear: White Calvin Klein Low Briefs or nothing.

Shoes: Jeremy Scott for Adidas almost always.

Hangover Cure: Water, Sex, Pizza. In that order.


Instagram Account: @frankiesharp

Moisturizer: Caudalie

Hair Product: American Crew - it smells like my grandmother's backyard and has the best hold and sheen.

Designers: Jeremy Scott, Bernhard Willhelm, Hood By Air, Telfar, Margiela, Supreme, SlickItUp, Champion, Nasty Pig and Obesity & Speed.

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