Snooki Gets A Make-Under, Shows Off Natural Glow

Snooki's XOVain Make-under.
Photo: Getty/xoVain

Happy Friday everyone! To celebrate the end of the week, and the fact that it's March 1st and we're therefore one step closer to freedom from this dreaded, depressing winter garbage, we bring you the Snooki make-under! The amazing folks over at xoJane have been blowing our minds with their gorgeous make-unders for awhile now (remember Sammi's?), but they really knocked it out of the park with this one. It's also the first for their brand new beauty site xoVain! It makes sense that they would start with our favorite fashion-obsessed meatball, as making-under Snooki, a lover of tanning and bronzer and all things LEOPARD, is an obvious coup, but she's such a good sport, and so glowy and beautiful, that we're not surprised she agreed to show off her natural beauty for the site. Posing with her red hair both down and in a low bun, Snooki looks refined and demure in very little more than just some concealer, blush, shadow and mascara. While this may sound like a full face of makeup to many of us, for Snooki, this was a majorly understated look. xoVain's editors have some things to say about Snooki's bare faced look, and let's just say they have us feeling pretty jealous. Of the TV personality, they said, "Snooki has really great skin, and she’s young, with high cheekbones and built-in bronzer." A human with build in bronzer? Ah-may-zing. They go on to add "We didn’t need to do much concealing other than this, and no trickery like contouring."

Snooki's xoVain make-under.
Photo: xoVain

In the accompanying interview, Snooki talks about the beauty products she couldn't live without (lashes) and whether or not she has plans to go under the knife anytime soon (yes). While we would love it for Snooki to stay just the way she is, it's her body and she can do what she wants. But after seeing these photos of Snooki without her beloved false lashes, bronzer, or heavy eye makeup, we're can completely, confidently say she doesn't need any of it, not one little bit.

What do you think of Snooki's make-under?

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