Rihanna Is Fierce In Blue On Double Covers For April's 'Elle UK'

Rihanna graces not one but two covers for Elle UK's April issue.
Photo: Elle UK's Facebook

Remember last week, when we gave you that sneak peek of Rihanna's April Elle UK cover? We know, there's been SO MUCH crazy Rihanna news since then, but seriously, wrack your brains because we have the real deal right here! That's right, feast your eyes on Rihanna's TWO Elle UK covers! I'm sure you're sick of hearing us blab about how insanely beautiful Rihanna is. You're rolling your eyes and saying, "we get it guys, she's like a unicorn bathed in gold dust," yeah yeah yeah, but C'MON SERIOUSLY?! The blue-bathed shoot has us clamoring for the red lipstick and hair cutting scissors. On the first cover, Ri is seated on a stool looking smolderingly at the camera wearing a black and white checked crop top and a high-slit skirt. The look is Carnaby Street meets 90's raver, with the very 60's silhouette of the crop top colliding with the zipper accents of the skirt, which appears to be nylon. With Rihanna's flawless pixie cut, smokey eyes and a red lip, the time twist of a look is brought together with a modern, sophisticated flair. On the second cover, Rihanna gives another take on black and white, wrapped in a shawl shot through with an abstract floral, with just a hint of black and white bustier peeking through. Her beauty look is consistent through the two covers, and we wonder how the interior spread expands upon the themes introduced here and in the sneak peek image we've already seen.

The suspense is kind of killing us to see the rest of the spread, but we know it'll be worth the wait. Will it be more stark, modern minimalism, or more culture collisions and interesting pairings of eras? Either way, we know it's going to be awesome.

What do you think of Rihanna's double Elle UK covers?

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