Lauren Conrad Resurfaces Iconic 'The Hills' Series Premiere Move-In Day Jeans

Lauren conrad

Lauren Conrad and her "The Hills" series premiere jeans.
Photo: MTV/@LaurenConrad's Instagram

Talk about a Throwback Thursday! Last night, Lauren Conrad posted this picture of some vaguely familiar-looking distressed capri jeans to her Instagram with the caption, "Cleaning out my closet and I found the pair of jeans I wore to move into my first apartment. How did I think these were OK?" Oh, RIGHT. We remember this LC denim moment because WE WERE THERE. Sort of. We watched it all play out on the series premiere episode of The Hills! It's all taking us to really warm and fuzzy places where visions of Juicy Couture terrycloth sweatsuits, Louis Vuitton monogram handbags, and Von Dutch trucker hats dance in our heads.

Need a little refresher? The very first ep of The Hills opens with LC meeting up with her BFF Heidi, arriving at their new apartment complex in Los Angeles. They chat poolside for a hot minute before Heidi brings Lauren into the new place, the two start planning out how they'll set up the furniture. The day is doubly big because LC has an interview at Teen Vogue, BUT her appointment is suddenly pushed WAY early, forcing her to get ready in a flash to make it. Before all that goes down and she changes into her professional best, it's these hole-y pedal-pushers that kick off the season and the series.

Maybe we're overly sentimental about clothes, but we hope these jeans weren't actually closet-cleaning casualties and just a fun discovery she made in the process. We can't be too sure though, since this wouldn't be the first time the Paper Crown designer has spoken out against her denim-decked past, "I try to never look back at how I dressed in the first few seasons of Laguna Beach because it was pretty bad...head-to-toe bad," she told Lucky Magazine, "This past summer, MTV replayed every episode and I would always see it and be like, 'Ahh, noo!' I wore these capri denim pants a lot and they were so bad." Aww, girl, it's not your fault. The aughts were a weird fashion time for EVERYONE.


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