JWOWW Wears Duct Tape Bra For NOH8 Campaign


Photo: NOH8/Adam Bouska

If you ever wondered how Jenni Farley earned her JWOWW nickname, look no further than the image above. *jaw drops to floor, cartoon eyes bust out of sockets* The boldly buxom Jersey Shore alum (now one-half of the Snooki & JWOWW main ticket) stripped down in the name of LGBT rights, marriage equality, and a stop to bullying for the NOH8 campaign, and BOYOYOYYY is she taking the duct tape motif to the next level.

We're pretty sure no one has ever accused Jenni of being shy (need we remind you of her show-stopping Fashion Week reveal closing out the Richie Rich show in a basically 100% see-through dress), and lucky for NOH8, she's marrying that with political activism in support of the organization, drawing zillions of eyeballs to the campaign by way of this bananas duct tape bra. The image of JWOWW in this supply closet lingerie is system-shocking, for sure, but it's not entirely unexpected. Jenni has a line of gravity-defying swimsuits that by some scientific magic become MORE sticky as you heat up. Also, with a BFF as crafty as Snooki, there's almost no way she hasn't already experimented with this before.

What do you think of JWOWW's duct tape bra for NOH8? Let us know in the comments below!

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