Would You Wear This Cat Cape?

Cat Cape

would you wear this Cat Cape Kotatsu Blanker?
Photo: Courtesy of Japan Trend Shop

You'd think by now we'd be sartorially unshakable. Between Etsy eyelash jewelry and toilet paper roll rings on high fashion runways, you'd think we've seen it all. And then we stumble on something like this Cat Cape Kotatsu Blanket from Japan Trend Shop. I'll truncate it to "Cat Cape" when referring to it from here, but only for convenience, not because I'm positive it's a cape. By all of my previous understanding of what a cape is, this only kind of meets the mark. Where's the fastening at the neck? Why are there backpack straps? Why is she wearing it around the house (as opposed to say, flying through the air with superhuman strength)?

Perhaps that's why this Cat Cape has so many other modifiers (Kotatsu, it seems, is a kind of foot-warming futon-table hybrid, and we all (hopefully) know what a blanket is) — because it's such a complicated, erm, thing that Frankensteins a bunch of elements together but doesn't fit squarely into any of them. Sound familiar anyone? Enter The Ghost of Snuggie/Slanket Past.

Part sweater, part blanket, Snuggies and Slankets were designed to fulfill all your warmth-craving needs in a way that was appealing to the world's couch potatoes. The Cat Cape is just a cutesy cosplay iteration of that same idea. Also, for people who are inexplicably FREEZING on only their backs. (IDKIDK, I'm not here to judge.) This seems like a totally crazy thing to exist, but then again, I've definitely unabashedly fallen victim to the Snuggie's warmth embrace before, and you can never be too sure just how far you'r going to unwind in your own home. Thus, I'm asking you: would you wear this Cat Cape? And as a follow-up: would you pay $53 for it, PLUS $18 shipping and handling? Discuss.

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