Justin Bieber Inks New 'X' Arm Tattoo

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber's new "X" arm tattoo.
Photo: Getty Images/Splash News

Honestly, how many tattoos is Justin Bieber going to get? I know this is very "Kids these days!" and "Get off my lawn!" and *shakes balled-up fist at the sky*, but come on, man. As MTV Style's resident Bieber Stan and (self-proclaimed) expert, I feel like I'm throwing up alerts about Justin's new ink at least once a month. Actually, now that I'm looking back, I pretty much HAVE been writing about Bieber's tattoos once-a-month since last September (with the exception of November which was all about Harry Styles' new avian chest tatt). February officially ends tomorrow, but Bieber has just made me an honest woman (as far as my conjectures about my coverage of his body art, that is), eking one out before the month closes: a giant serif "X" on his forearm.

Unlike January's shoulder Stratford Cullitons logo or the super on-the-nose "Believe" block letters of June, the letter/number/symbol is more difficult to decode. Additionally, it further complicates the already nebulous owl ink that is its arm-neighbor. It also begs the question: is Bieber trying to fill out a sleeve??? He's getting pretty close. Some say it might be a religious reference, but with no public address of his new tattoo from Justin himself, all we can really do is guess what it could mean. An homage to Xzibit? To mark where he hid his gold? The most ticklish spot on his body (think about how DIFFICULT that would've made getting that tattoo)? We don't know, but we'll be keeping our eye on his consistently active Twitter account if not for ink updates, then for gems like this and this.


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