Kevin Durant And Russell Westbrook Get The 'Vogue' Treatment

Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook

Kevin Durant for "Teen Vogue" and Russell Westbrook for "L'Uomo Vogue" magazines.
Photo: Teen Vogue/L'Uomo Vogue

Not only did Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook make waves on the court by leading their Oklahoma City Thunder team straight to the 2012 NBA Finals against the Miami Heat, the dynamic duo made names for themselves as bonafide style stars by way of their head-turning post-game ensembles off the hardwood. Now, in this second month of 2013, KD and Russ are getting the Vogue treatment with shoots in Teen Vogue and L'Uomo Vogue, respectively.

There's an unmistakable new attitude toward fashion in the world of sports. No longer is having an interest in, let alone a flair for, style a fringy, sourly regarded thing. Athletes are embracing fashion, and the fashion world, in turn, is reciprocating. In no sport is that more wide-spread at the moment than basketball, and with the season inching closer and closer to the NBA Playoffs (kicking off in a little over a month), editorial outlets are picking up steam on their hoops coverage, shining style spotlights on the league's best and brightest.

Durant joins Teen Vogue's Jane Keltner de Valle for a kind of boy-dresses-girl themed editorial. KD styles outfits for Jane based on three premises — game day, date night, and weekend wear — and outfits himself accordingly. Our favorite is his date night look which consists of head-to-toe bespoke Phenom247 shirt, jacket, and jeans. (Because how else are you supposed to appropriately clothe a man measuring in at 6'9"??) It's his blue-on-blue suede shoes that really nail it for us, though. Especially when we consider how difficult it must have been to track these down in a size 18!

While Kevin is still relatively a novice when it comes to fashion editorials, Westbrook is racking up spreads left and right. From GQ to VMAN to the above L'Uomo Vogue, it's very clear that fashion-forward menswear has found a new darling in the OKC point guard, swaddling him in everything from Burberry Prorsum to Comme des Garçons, Mark McNairy to Louis Vuitton. Russ only gets one image for this L'Uomo Vogue feature, but boy, does he make it count with that expert layering, sharp embossed leather jacket, and enough energy behind his eye to elicit a standing O from Tyra Banks, Sultan of Smize.


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