Cara Delevingne Trademarks Her Name: Is A Onesie Line In The Works?

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne.
Photo: Courtesy of @CaraDelevingne Instagram

She's BFF with Rita Ora, quickly becoming a street style phenom for her rad fashion and ridiculous faces, and is a indisputable runway STAR. But Cara Delevingne isn't slowing down just yet, y'all! We hear that the 2012 Model of the Year has recently inked a deal to trademark her name with the Intellectual Property Office, which means she can officially use it as a marketing tool. In business speak, this is basically next step in taking celeb status to the next level and becoming a brand a la Beyonce and Madonna. Watch out, world! In addition to trademarking her name, the 20-year-old and her father have registered a company called "Cara & Co.," which means we can (fingers crossed!) expect some Cara-approved merch very soon. But if you believe the rumors, it's NOT what you think.

According to The Telegraph, Cara and her team are planning to roll out everything from perfume to purses to key rings to... walking sticks (yes, really!). Iiiiinteresting. What we want to know is, where are the onesies in this equation? Cara recently told VOGUE UK she would love to design. "I want my own brand of onesies," she said. "Someone contact me, please, because I want to make it!" Besides fleece jumpers, she said she's interested in creating t-shirts, since "it's really hard to find a plain, nicely cut top for your body." Considering everything this girl touches turns to gold, we'll buy whatever she's selling, that's for sure— how about you?

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