5 Things We Learned From Harry Styles' 'Into The Gloss' Interview

Harry Styles

Harry Styles.
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Discussing and dissecting each and every little strand on Harry Styles' perfectly coiffed head is well-tread territory on the interwebs these days, but you know what's rare? Actually getting the secret to the One Direction singer's shaggy moptop, which is why we're sharing this VERY IMPORTANT NEWS to you guys. Emily Weiss of the beauty site Into The Gloss ran into Harry (!) unexpectedly at a London Fashion Week event where he was DJing to practically ZERO crowd— we know, we can't believe it either— and did what any self-respecting journalist would do: freak out silently in a dark corner and then summon the courage to talk to him. We're glad she did, because in that brief encounter, she managed to pry as much info as she could about his beauty "routine" (if you can call it that?), as well as pass on lots of major stuff like what happens when one takes a picture with Harry Styles. Intrigued? See what we learned after the jump!

1.) He DJ'ed to practically no audience during London Fashion Week: "And it really does seem weird, because nobody in the club seems to give a shit whether or not it is Harry Styles—the guy had no audience.”

2.) He doesn't like his hair "too clean" “I just wash it. But then I have to put stuff in it, because if it’s too clean, it just…doesn’t do anything.”

3.) He divulged his shaggy hair secret: it's Bumble & Bumble “Bumble salt spray.”

4.) He moisturizes with a myterious product called "Alphate" ("Alfate?") “Yeah, Alphate…just Alphate.”

5.) And perhaps most importantly, if you ask for a photo of Harry, he'll pull you in, too: “Come on, let’s get you together!” Harry puts his arm around my waist and pulls me close.”

{via Into The Gloss}

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