DJ Yung Skeeter: These Are A Few Of His Favorite Things

DJ Yung Skeeter.
Photo: Courtesy of DJ Yung Skeeter

The DJ formerly known as Skeet Skeet, who now goes by Yung Skeeter, a moniker which I highly endorse, is, for a lack of better words/not enough coffee, THE BOMB. Yeah, I went there. How else do you describe the LA-based dude with a penchant for getting the cool kids in a downright tizzy by blasting TLC classics and other immaculate gems? Oh! He’s also Katy Perry’s BFF. He’s toured the world “playin arenas 'n' s***” as the kitten lover’s main spinning machine. NBD or anything. Another fun fact: the last time I kicked it with Skeeter, he was rocking a Cher concert t-shirt. *Faints in traffic, dies* So, I daaaare y’all to come up with a more appropriate adjective for the hottie. Until then, I’m gonna go ahead and stick with "the-bomb-dot-com". Let me also emphasize that the super talented Yung Skeeter is responsible for giving me multiple eargasms, for which I’m quite thankful. Did I also mention we are both wild Sagittarius’ who share the same b-day? There’s that, too. *Hair flip* Today’s a good day at MTV Style, because yep, the best remix-er on the planet (and who I totally believe will be a soon-to-be Grammy Award-winning producer) is today’s Favorite Things-er. Sartorial spoiler alert: He didn’t shout out the aforementioned Cher amazingness of a t-shirt, but he did give love to his Drake bootleg t-shirt, which I’d like to borrow and never return.

DJ Yung Skeeter in Kenzo.
Photo: Courtesy of DJ Yung Skeeter

Statement Piece: Kenzo Grapevine Vansssss.

eBay Purchase: TONI KUKOC BULLS Champion Jersey!

Cologne: Le Labo - Vetiver

DJ Yung Skeeter's custom hat.
Photo: Courtesy of DJ Yung Skeeter

Hat: Custom LA hat.

DJ Yung Skeeter's tattoo.
Photo: Courtesy of DJ Yung Skeeter

Tattoo: Bobby Hill throwing Westside!

Karaoke Song: “Taking Back Sunday” - Cute Without The ‘E’

Undies: Polo Black Briefs.

Concert T-Shirt: Drake bootleg tee.

Top 5 jams to spin:

Duke Dumont - “Need U (100%)”

Lil Silva & Banks - “Work”

Banks - “Before I Ever Met You”

Yung Skeeter ft. Cassie - “Big World”

Yung Skeeter Ft. Minami - “Stand Again” (Japanese Version)

Album Cover Art: Ever? Most impactful was probably RATM’s ‘Evil Empire’.


Instagram Accounts: champagnepapi

Twitter-ers: @dances @wedidit69 @hotsugar @lilbthebasedgod

Remix: The Two Inch Punch remix of Jessie Ware is pretty incredible.

Fashion Icon: Guy Fieri.

LOLz. Fashion in a Music Video: Lune’s “Made of Steel”

Kicks: Black Free Runz.

Pants: A.P.C. petit standard

Jacket: This lil Kenzo bomber jump

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