Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Daniel Radcliffe And More Make Us Swoon At The 2013 Oscars

A round of applause for the gentlemen of Hollywood, everyone! The Oscars red carpet is all about the dresses, so much so that sometimes our swoon-worthy leading men get left in the dust just a little bit. Is there anything better than a man in a suit though? I mean yeah, looking at beautiful gowns fills our little hearts with joy, but there's another part of our hearts reserved solely for a dashing gentleman in a crisp bow tie. I mean right? Some of MTV Style's biggest crushes were out on the carpet tonight, and it was hard to focus on picking our our ladies' top looks while we were busy writing our initials inside of hearts with theirs on our notebooks *throws "MD hearts JGL"-covered notebook under desk*. But seriously, you might think all suits are created equal, but pairing the right cut and fit with the man is super important and not actually that easy. Behold! Our favorite gentlemen of the 2013 Oscars!


Joseph Gordon-Levitt at the 2013 Oscars.
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I'm kind of a creep about Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He has such kind eyes. And he seems so funny and nice. But this isn't about that, this is about his TUXEDO! The Lincoln actor went super classic for his turn down the red carpet, in a black tux with a classic bow tie and white shirt with contrasting black buttons. Joseph also accessorized his look with his signature red button, which is for his organization HitRecord. All pretty cute right? You have no idea how cute it gets. The actor revealed that he didn't actually tie his own bow tie, but co-star Sally Field did it for him in the car on their way to the awards! It doesn't get much better than that, guys, it really doesn't. With just the right pleat in his pants, structure in his jacket and shine on his shoes, we have to say JGL is killing the suit game, and our hearts at the same time.


Daniel Radcliff at the 2013 Oscars.
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"Dapper Dan" puns aside, Daniel Radcliffe looked pretty spectacular in Prada on the red carpet tonight. The actor opened the show with our boyfriend Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and his perfectly tailored tux set just the right mood for the elegant evening to follow. Although we sometimes have a hard time remembering that he's not little Harry Potter anymore, Daniel is undeniably all grown up at this year's Oscars. We love how most of the guys on the carpet are going for the deep side part, slicked-over 'do, and Daniel's could be used as a case study for all others. Just the right amount of both structure and fluff, his hair neither looks saturated in product or like it was blown into place with a high powered fan. Bravo, Daniel, we salute you.


Eddie Redmayne at the 2013 Oscars.
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Eddie Redmayne is pretty new on the scene, but boy oh boy is he leaving an impression. He's been a fan of some pretty quirky red carpet looks this season, including, and it's hard for us even to say it, but a brown velvet suit, but he decided to keep it classic for the Oscars, and did it ever work out in his favor. Eddie opted for a classic Alexander McQueen tux with peaked lapels and, yes, velvet loafers. You didn't think Eddie wouldn't let us off completely scott free, did you? We love the look, though, and it takes a particularly dashing, and British, gent to pull of smoking slippers on the red carpet, so thanks to that, Eddie Redmayne has officially won our hearts.


Bradley Cooper and his mom at the 2013 Oscars
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We're big fans of the bring-your-mom-to-the-Oscars move. It's just really nice, and super classy. Bradley Cooper is such a movie star that it's nice to see him do something as humanizing as pose with his mom in every single red carpet photo. Our crush on him has been growing all through this awards season, and since we saw him in Silver Linings Playbook, honestly. The guy can act, AND has killer baby blues. Bradley was the only one of our fave dudes to go the three-piece suit route, but we're glad he did in custom Tom Ford. Is it just us, or is there something a little extra rakish about a three-piece suit with the jacket unbuttoned? And combined with his scruffy facial hair? It's rebellious but also so chic and we love it. *Swoon*

Who did you think was the most dashing gentleman at the Oscars?


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