Adam Levine Talks His New Kmart Line, Ripped T-Shirts, And The Secret To Perfect Stubble In Our Exclusive Interview

Adam Levine

Adam Levine.
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Whether he's singing, judging The Voice, or, ahem, just making sure his fragrance doesn't become "celebrity bulls***," Adam Levine is a guy who KNOWS what he wants. So it should go without saying, then, that his new 222 clothing line for Kmart is going to be no less directional than what we're used to seeing from the Maroon 5 frontman. The only difference? This time around, he's taking inspiration from you! To jump start the design process the singer is asking fans to submit ideas, drawings, notes, whatever, on Shop Your Way for the chance to win an autographed guitar (because let's be real: everyone needs a little inspiration sometimes, even famous musicians...). Just in time for the launch of the contest, Adam sat down with us in New York to talk 222, why not all t-shirts are created equal, and why he'd NEVER be caught dead in another celeb line. Read our interview below!

MTV Style: You've dabbled in fashion and fashion lines before, so what inspired you to come out with a new label now with Kmart?

ADAM LEVINE: You know, I just thought that it would be the right time. I've just always thought it would be cool to have a line that reflected your personal taste. I have a lot of opinions on everything but fashion in particular.

Why did you decide to source inspiration from your fans on Shop Your Way?

I just always want to know what your fans want. I think that we make music that way, so why would this creative thing be any different? We're always wanting to know what makes them tick, and what they love and what they want. That's important to be too.

You're a big jeans and t-shirt guy onstage and off. Do you believe all basics are created equal?

No. I do not, and I have very careful opinions about that. I think that it's cool to have a pair of jeans that have some kind of story, I think the way they age and they get holes in them and they become a part of you, it's really cool. The same thing with t-shirts; I love ones that are made of really comfortable material and you wear them in and they go through what you go through. It's a soulful part of clothing. I have this white really screwed up t-shirt that I get a lot of s*** for on The Voice. It's screwed up but I wear it still, because I love it and I'm going to wear it until it doesn't exist anymore. It's on its way out now...I probably have just one more wear left on it. It's not even that old, but it's just really thin material and it wears out really fast. It was a vintage t-shirt and got ripped up really quickly.

You said you don't want to have "another bullsh*** celebrity fragrance." How are you going to keep this from happening with fashion, as well?

Just by being really involved in the process. Signing off on things I believe in and being super meticulous about the creative process. I just want to make sure it really is what I love and every aspect should reflect who I am.

What's your grooming routine like in the mornings?

Well, it's about four and a half hours [laughing]. It's super intense, I don't know if I can tell it to you. But I will tell you that it begins with a three-hour exfoliation on my eyeballs. I then apply several layers of oatmeal on my face, and I let that sit for about six or seven minutes. Then I take a loofah and scrub it all off. Then after that, I do a ritual dance, but I can't go into details, because it might be inappropriate. It's really detailed and I can't leave the house until I'm done with all the chakras. We have a LOT of chakras.

I assume that's part of your secret to perfect stubble, then...

My stubble is part of the dance. That's all I can say, I don't want to give away all my secrets.

If you were forced to wear any other celebrity clothing line other than your own, whose would you choose?

None of them. I would take death.

Over everything? That's bold.

Seriously. But wait...does Calvin Klein count? Or Tom Ford? I'd wear their lines.

Finally, which musician's closet would you most want to steal?

Elton John, for sure. I bet he's got some crazy s*** in there. Cee-Lo actually did get to do that, I think he wore some of Elton's stuff for the Grammys. I would love to check that out.

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