Shaquille O’Neal And Reebok Relaunch Classic Shaq Attaq, Shaqnosis Sneakers

Shaquille O’Neal and his throwback Shaq Attaq Reebok sneakers.
Photo: Getty Images

Make way for The Great Shaq Fu! Reebok and retired NBA player/current NBA commentator/sometimes rapper(/one of my PERSONAL favorite players of all time) Shaquille O’Neal are teaming up for a sneaker relaunch of epic proportions — fittingly, since he too is a man of epic proportions. Shaq and Reebok revealed at the PROJECT trade show in Las Vegas that BOTH lines of namesake kicks that the legendary tower of a center released during his mid-’90s tenure on the Orlando Magic would be making a comeback THIS spring and summer! *cue domino effect wave of fainting sneakerheads*

Shaquille O’Neal wearing his throwback Reebok sneakers on the court.
Photo: Getty Images

First to hit shelves will be the 1992 Reebok Classic Shaq Attaq sneakers (pictured above left on a spry baby-faced O’Neal) on April 19 of this year for $160. Like pretty much all major limited edition sneaker launches, the from-the-vault nature of these relaunched Shaq kicks is almost guaranteed to cause some kind of headlines, but hopefully the release of a second shoe will curb the crazy. At least a little. The second of Shaq’s sneaker lines, the 1995 Reebok Classic Shaqnosis (pictured above right on Shaq getting serious air), will be made available July 19 for the slightly more reasonable $125. WHO’S MARKING THEIR CALENDARS??


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