Rihanna And Kate Moss Heat Up 'V Magazine' Shot By Mario Testino

An interior shot from Kate Moss and Rihanna's V Magazine spread.
Photo: V Magazine Facebook

Remember back in November when Rihanna leaked her V Magazine photos, in which she appears in flagrante delicto alongside Kate Moss? Shot by the inimitable Mario Testino, the spread basically made the internet explode, but I don't think anyone expected to have to wait this long to see the real thing. The racy photos were shot by the inimitable Mario Testino, and feature Kate and Rihanna in various states of undress, save for a heavy, glossy dose of black eyeliner and the occasional splash of lingerie and menswear. The accompanying article addresses the leak head-on, saying that it was the result of a hack that Rihanna thought was the real deal until the magazine told her otherwise. "I posted them because I was so excited...I was so bummed because I thought they were so sick," Rihanna says in the article accompanying the shoot, and we TOTALLY feel her. Can you imagine how hard it would be to shoot with a LEGENDARY model like Kate Moss and an equally incredible photographer and then have to wait months to show off your photos? TORTURE, we say! Rihanna wasn't the only one who was super excited for the pairing, however: Kate and her daughter Lila Grace are huge Rihanna fans as well! Check out a behind the scenes video from the shoot after the jump, and try not to get too hot and bothered.

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