Beyonce Channels Edie Sedgwick Beauty For Pop Art Pepsi Ad


Beyonce's pop art Pepsi ad.
Photo: Courtesy of Beyonce's Facebook

Is there any look Beyonce can't work? IDK if you guys saw our New York Fashion Week beauty road-test, but statement eyes AND lips is not a steez everyone can work (what has two thumbs and used them to apply panda eyeliner?*). And yet, here's King Bey in her very Andy Warhol-esque Pepsi ads, killing it dead in dark eyeliner, turquoise shadow, and HOT pink lips. *bows to her majesty* Granted, we can't be sure what the actual makeup job is here since the colors are artificially (presumably digitally) applied, but regardless, the woman carries all the colors and beauty activity effortlessly.

Sienna Miller, Edie Sedgwick

Sienna Miller as Edie Sedgwick for the "Factory Girl" movie poster, and Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol in 1965.
Photo: Courtesy of MGM/Getty Images

Channeling this particular artistic movement is nothing new for Beyonce (who will EVER forget the exemplary color play of her "Countdown" music video??) and with complete reason — it suits her! On top of that, going all Warhol/pop art for a pop artist's soda pop ad campaign is totally on the nose (or as Bey might say, "connects so many dots" — we ALL saw Life Is But A Dream, right??). We love Beyonce as a (photoshopped) flaxen blonde channeling Edie's colorful Warhol Superstar steez and can't WAIT to see what the inevitable TV spot holds in store!

*SURPRISE! It's me.

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