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Marios Schwab Fall 2013

Marios Schwab channels Renaissance spirit for Fall 2013.
Photo: Getty Images

This week’s headlines are all about historical movements. Bill and Ted, eat your heart out.

+Beads and burgundy velvet at Marios Schwab Fall 2013 do not a Renaissance faire make. But they might as well.

{via Refinery 29}

+Did you know that Impressionist painters were the original street-style photographers? I mean, who wouldn't love to see Monet's take on the Man Repeller?


+ Wood Wood's "3rd Movement" collection is 1) excellent and 2) inspired by the respective American and British Summers of Love. Indeed, dip-dye jobs and flower prints will have you invariably humming, "If you are going to San Fran..."

{via Hypebeast}

+A new Punk exhibit at the Met showcases how Chanel and Versace incorporated mohawks and bondage straps into their aesthetic vocabulary. And there's a story behind why the exhibit will be extended to roughly 100 days...

{via Women's Wear Daily}

+Happy belated birthday, Cindy Crawford! We salute you and your supermodel comrades from that eponymous (and let's face it, enormously pivotal) era.

{via InStyle}

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