Rozzi Crane Spills On Her Sneaker Obsession And Getting Style Tips From Maroon 5 [Interview]

Rozzi Crane

Rozzi Crane.
Photo: Travis Schneider.

Plenty of girls can claim to be "one of the guys," but nobody we know has QUITE the same bragging rights to this as Rozzi Crane. The 21-year-old San Francisco singer is the very first artist to be signed to Adam Levine's 222 Records label, and she's just kicked off a major North American tour with Levine and the rest of Maroon 5. It should go without saying that the emerging pop star is overflowing with talent— seriously, her voice is insane, and she's collaborating with both Levine and musical guests like Kendrick Lamar on her forthcoming album. But besides her massive pipes, Rozzi's also got an inherently killer style sense that's one part hip-hop, one part '90s, and one part...well, borrowed from the boys. We sat down with the musician last week in New York, where she filled us in on her daily uniform, her love for fake eyelashes, and why she never takes off her sneakers.

MTV STYLE: So Rozzi, you're just beginning a major North American tour! What's your wardrobe like?

ROZZI CRANE: I honestly don’t dress that different on tour than in real life. I always want to feel good, and that makes me feel more confident. I’m actually inspired by a lot of boys clothes, so I’m glad I’m on tour with guys! I tend to wear something that I’m obsessed with over and over again until it falls apart. Like sneakers. I’m OB-SESSED with sneakers.

Ooooh, tell us about your sneaker obsession.

Oh my gosh, I wear sneakers literally all the time. I have these Isabel Marant high-heeled sneakers that I never take off. Another thing I wear is high-top Converse sneakers, or Vans...I'm definitely a shoe person. In terms of boots, I love Rag & Bone black leather ones, like these I have on right now. I try to wear sandals, but I kind of don’t like them. I'm always like, I’d rather wear sneakers or boots!

Since you're inspired by dude clothes, do you ever look for style inspiration from the Maroon 5 guys?

All the time. Onstage, I love how they're all dressed in same color but they all have their own little quirks to set them apart, whether it's accessories, or different pockets, or whatever. They look so classy and everything fits so great. I would love to wear something like that! I tend to wear dresses onstage, though, which I understand. Since I'm surrounded by boys, they need to me to a girl [laughing].

Rozzi Crane

Rozzi Crane and Adam Levine.
Photo: Rozzi Crane's Instagram.

When you're not performing, what do you like to wear?

I love everything '90s! I know it’s weird saying that since it’s a whole decade, but I really do. I love platforms, miniskirts, all of that, so that's what I've been into. Designer-wise, though, I love Isabel Marant, Rag & Bone, and Opening Ceremony.

If you could raid any musician's closet, whose would you choose?

Rihanna has the best style, she always looks so awesome. I also admire how Solange Knowles dresses, so I'd raid either of their closets. But wait...I also really like the boys, like Frank Ocean and A$AP Rocky. I love how music and fashion are becoming even more interconnected these days, and it's great because those are two of my favorite things.

And finally, what's your onstage beauty routine like?

I like to keep my makeup look very natural, so I usually don't do anything too dramatic. I do wear false eyelashes, though, which I'm so into. I'm trying to be really good about moisturizing and taking my makeup off before I go to bed on tour, but it's hard when I love my false eyelashes so much. In terms of nail polish, I've been wearing this same metallic color for forever. It's Essie's "Good As Gold," and I've been getting it for about two months...I think it's time to stop.

Catch Rozzi Crane on tour with Maroon 5 now and listen to more music here.

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