Amy Winehouse's Father Wears Late Singer's Photo To The 2013 BRIT Awards

Mitch Winehouse wearing a photo of his daughter Amy on the 2013 Brit Awards red carpet.
Photo: Getty

It's impossible not to get sad at the mere mention of Amy Winehouse's name, with her death a mere two years ago still pretty fresh in our minds. Amy's father, Mitch, has been keeping his daughter's memory alive through charity work, books, and countless appearances, his latest being on the red carpet of the 2013 BRIT Awards. Mitch took to the carpet outside of the O2 arena in London in a custom powder blue vest bearing the singer's photo. The image used is classic Amy: her wide eyes are painted with her signature swooped cat eye and her lips are bright pink and heavily-lined. You can also clearly see that she is wearing the Star of David pendent she was frequently spotted in (and that her mother now wears), and her trademark gold hoop earrings.

Amy is nominated for the Best British Female award tonight, making her the first person to receive a posthumous nomination from the Brit Awards. She won the award for Best Female Solo Artist in 2007 and has additionally been nominated four other times.


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