Demi Lovato, Rita Ora, Lana Del Rey, And More Celebs At London Fashion Week

Demi Lovato, Rita Ora, Lana Del Rey

Demi Lovato, Rita Ora and Lana Del Rey attend shows at London Fashion Week.
Photo: Getty Images

Just when you thought the Fashion Week madness was over, we're going to jump across the pond for even more outrageous designer looks, fancy schmancy parties and that's right, a plethora of well-dressed celebs. Welcome to Londontown! Although we're full of jealousy that we're not sipping on tea or practicing our British accent in red telephone booths, we're happy to see that some of our favorite celebs have appeared front row at this season's London Fashion Week. Demi Lovato, who we talked trends with at the Los Angeles Topshop opening, also made an appearance at the store's Fall 2013 fashion show, sticking with a basic black leather jacket, sneaker(s) and her bedazzled orthopedic boot. (Who else could make the best of an injury and look GOOD doing it!?) As mentioned earlier, we're completely on board with Rita Ora's bestie t-shirt supporting gal pal Cara Delevingne as she walked down the Burberry runway. Rita's sleek navy jacket and pants make the simple sketched tee pop even more. Although we've mostly seen Lana Del Rey on magazine covers of late, it's nice to see the singer out and about IRL. She hit up the Mulberry show, punctuating her structured black outfit with long red nails and posing for pictures with British It girl, Alexa Chung.

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung at the Mulberry Fall 2013 fashion show at London Fashion Week.
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Fashion month is going strong! Stay tuned for all the news from Paris Fashion Week!

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