Rihanna Collabs With MAC Cosmetics, We Freak Out

Rihanna MAC Cosmetics

Rihanna on Feb. 16, and her MAC collection.
Photo: Getty Images/Rihanna's Instagram

First off, happy 25th birthday, Rihanna! You've received the best gift anyone could ever ask for—total world domination. I mean, first RiRi launched a (dang good!) clothing collection with River Island, and today it was announced that she collabed with MAC Cosmetics on multiple (read that again: multiple) makeup collections. Between this and her, um, SUPER SUCCESSFUL MUSIC CAREER, girl has been busy! She told WWD that this collab was a "no-brainer," and the first product she plans to launch is "RiRi Woo"—a lipstick inspired by her oh-so-infamous matte MAC Ruby Woo red pout. (See: Rihanna at the Grammys.) According to WWD, the lipstick will be released at the same time at her Diamonds Tour concerts in Brooklyn complete with—get this—a MAC pop-up shop to show off the full collection! YASSSS.

Rihanna will release a total of four collections (which will be known as "RiRi <3 MAC") throughout 2013, including a summer line with two additional lipsticks, Lustre Drops and blush; a fall line with four lipsticks, Lipglass, two eyeshadow palettes and falsies; and a holiday line with another 10 (!!!) pieces. WHEW. All these collections will be sold with her signature red lipstick and will be available to purchase at her concerts and online. "When you think of makeup, the brand that pops into your mind—for something legit—is MAC," Rihanna told WWD. "Whatever color you want, it's like 'Let's go to MAC.' I've been using MAC on tour for such a long time it was a natural fit for me. I have always loved makeup, and I always said that if I do it, I want to do it with a credible brand." To get even more info about Rihanna's MAC collab, head on over to WWD!

{via WWD}

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