Brooke Candy: These Are A Few Of Her Favorite Things

Brooke Candy.
Photo: Courtesy of Brooke Candy

The pop goddesses have finally answered my prayers, and have gifted us with the salacious superstar known as Brooke Candy. That's the name she was born with, you guys, which makes me want to see, then frame, BK's family photo albums right now. Anyway, Brooke is like, SUPER HARDCORE, and a breath of fresh, fearless fashion-y air, which I really appreciate. She's got the best braid game since Janet circa Poetic Justice, mixed with a little The Fifth Element realness (that opera-singing alien is an underrated style icon, PS). BK showcases her aforementioned amazing braid weave with her immaculate braid-whipping in Grimes' "Genesis" music vid, which y'all should already know/obsess about. And girl can RAP. See: Candy's very own vid for "Everybody Does" which involves geckos crawling on her hot pink lips and bleached brows. We also share a common hobby of going topless in public, and she’s very candid about her other gig as a stripper. WORK THAT POLE, HONEY. In other words, move over pseudo bad ass pop starlets, Brooke Candy is where it's at. I'm obsessed with her rapid-fire in-yo-face lyrics but they're borderline NSFW, so, instead of quoting them, I'll just leave y'all with Favorite Things: Brooke Candy edish. Oh, I need those platformed Adidas in a size 11 btw.

Brooke's 'sex' collar.
Photo: Courtesy Of Brooke Candy

Statement Piece: My new 'SEX' choker I got from a sex den shop in Copenhagen. It really puts what I'm about all out in the forefront.

Tattoo: My 'Gotti' tattoo on the inside of my forearm, in honor of my angel baby puppy named after the legend Jon Gotti.

Perfume: Dolce and Gabana Light Blue. My signature scent. People associate me with it, which is hot.

Karaoke Song: Probably some corny s*** like "Genie in a Bottle." It's not that deep.

Brooke Candy's nails.
Photo: Courtesy of Brooke Candy

Nail Polish: I'm really lucky cuz some of the best nail artists in the game right now are my homegirls based out of LA and they always keep my nail game so on point. Shoutout: Madeline Poole and Natalie Martins.

Hangover Cure: I don't really drink so I don't have a hangover cure. I'm kind of a snooze.

Moisturizer: Urban Decay Tinted Moisturizer

Concert T-Shirt: Jill Scott, because my BFF Jesse wears it everyday.

Lipstick: Nars' Schiap. It's really sexy, babes.

Album Cover Art: The original cover art for Lil' Kim Hard Core is so iconic. It just cemented her as a superstar and set the tone for her whole career. She was selling sex and you were going to buy it.

Fashion Icon: Lil' Kim always. Every look, from the videos to the photo spreads to the red carpet was flawless. Weave to toe nail: perfection. Who else could make pasties a red carpet option, let alone the most enviable look of the night?

Fashion in a Music Video: I have given Kim enough love so I'm gonna go ahead and give this one to Christina Aguilera's "Dirrty". The two-tone dreads with the heavy chaps, spray tan, and piercings. So sick. Shout-out to David LaChapelle. Genius.

Purse: My Goyard tote because it's resistant to just about everything and it's all worn in just the way I like.

Brooke Candy's platform Adidas.
Photo: Courtesy of Brooke Candy

Shoes: My black ankle strap Christian Louboutins, and platform Adidas.

Brooke Candy's braids.
Photo: Courtesy of Brooke Candy

Hair Product: Dark n' Lovely strong hold gel, because my hair's always braided

Eye makeup: Two-Faced Naked Eye palette and MakeUp Forever false lashes ;)