Karlie Kloss Proves That She is Super Human At New York Fashion Week Fall 2013

Karlie Kloss was all over New York Fashion Week this season.
Photo: Getty & Instagram

Sometimes we look at Karlie Kloss, in magazines or advertisements, baking cookies (or should we say, KOOKIES) or sharing a runway with Justin Bieber, and generally OWNING New York Fashion Week, and we get a little jealous. Wouldn't it be fun to be 6 feet tall and jet all over the world and get to wear all of those beautiful clothes? It would, but it would also be SO MUCH WORK. Like, we get to sleep in our own beds and wear flats to work sometimes. Also, have you ever had to walk in really high heels with someone watching you? Like, when you go on a date and realize maybe you aren't TOTALLY down with how many inches you have on your feet, and you get up to go to the bathroom and know your date is going to watch you walk away and you're like, OH NO I'M GONNA FALL, the entire way? Yes? Of course you get it. Well we can only imagine that being on a runway in giant heels is like that but about ten thousand times scarier because if you fall someone will put the photos on Getty and Youtube and I'm having sympathy pains just thinking about it. UGH. That was our long way of saying that Karlie Kloss is AMAZING and we're utterly in awe of her (which, duh, is why she's one of our House of Style hosts). This fashion week, Karlie not only walked in a number of the biggest shows, including Oscar De La Renta, Anna Sui and Carolina Herrera, but she ALSO served as the Mercedes-Benz ambassador, AND ran all around town handing out her kookies to famished show-goers from Milk Studios to Lincoln Center. NOT TO MENTION that she did all this AND flew to LA and back to be our red carpet correspondent for the Grammys. Are you tired yet? Oh also, she looked amazing doing all of this. AMAZING. See our gallery of Karlie's fashion week highlights after the jump!


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