Marc Jacobs Stages A Luxurious Martian Pajama Party For Fall 2013

Marc Jacobs' Fall 2013 Collection.
Photo: Getty

Was it a mars landing, or was it a pajama party, or was it just Marc Jacobs' Fall 2013 show at New York Fashion Week. If you said all of the above, you wouldn't be too far off the mark, no pun intended. After postponing his show due to shipping delays (thanks to winter storm Nemo, of course), Marc Jacobs held his show on Valentine's Day in his usual Park Avenue Armory, and almost immediately we understood why he wanted to wait to get his whole collection before putting it out there for the world to see. A rich collection of watery silks, ultra-thick furs, sequins, and wools presented in the round under a warm, beaming reddish sun, Jacobs certainly had something to be proud of. Unlike his most recent Spring 2013 collection, which was straight mod, with odes to Twiggy and her London not far from the surface, fall 2013 was far more nuanced. There was still that 60s love of collars and boxy coats, but there were also pieces absolutely dripping with a whole different type of glamour. The silk and sequined dresses, which hung off of the models like liquid silver, combined 20s silhouettes with 70s opulence, reminding me of The Great Gatsby and Studio 54 both. Topped with rich, heavy furs, they communicated wealth and beauty to the point of otherworldliness.

While many of his models skewed on the side of androgeny, there was a very straight-forward femininity about Marc Jacobs' fall 2013 collection. We don't typically see his gowns on the biggest red carpets like the Academy Awards, but you could absolutely picture someone like Jennifer Lawrence wearing this collection come Oscar night. Less likely to be worn for formal occasions were Jacobs' plays on pajamas. Two-piece silk numbers cut in the classic pajama style featured heavily, as well as matching sets in slightly less bedtime-appropriate cuts and fabrics. With shorts suits and ever formal pajamas being something we've been seeing for awhile now, this isn't as surprising as it would have been a few years ago, but we're still curious to see if this is a trend that's going to be able to translate to the streets effectively.

Also heavily featured for fall were ultra-short, high-waisted shorts. Cut so high they hardly qualify as shorts at all, the bottoms were very roller girl, and Jacobs styled them in a number of surprising ways, most of all with nothing. The model, clad only in black tap shorts and opera-length gloves, walked down the runway using her arm as a bandeau covering her chest, making the shorts the entire focus of the look. While this isn't a styling method anyone will employ in real life, we're sure we'll be seeing it in an editorial or two. Also of note were the shoes in the collection. They were immensely wearable and versatile, a mixture of classic pumps, peep-toe sandals with ankle straps, and an elegant, youthful play on the Mary Jane wherein a black pump was outfitted with a delicate tie at the ankle.

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