Anna Sui Shows Rich Jewel Tones, Updated Mod For Fall 2013

The three main colors of Anna Sui's A/W 2013 collection.
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What is it about the 60's, and mod in particular, that has, and always will have, everyone all shook up. Is it the snappy hemlines--short but still girlish and innocent--or the clean lines? Or is it the way that the shapes, while singular and recognizable, lend themselves to basically any fabric? Or is it that slight, sweet whiff of rebellion that it's impossible not to get off of any garment modeled after the turbulent, swinging 60's? Either way, this has been yet another season where countless designers were inspired by mod, and Anna Sui was no different. Her show opened on the now-signature bob of Karlie Kloss, standing at the end of the runway with with a number of other models. They looked more like they were about to start singing than to walk down the runway, and so it wasn't really too much of a surprise when they began to sway back and forth with a go-go shimmy, like a silent, incredibly well dressed girl group. Karlie opened the show with a knowing, girlish smirk in one of most luxurious suits we have seen this season. In colors ranging from red to bright pink, bronze and orange, Karlie's opening look was like a school uniform gone mad, a small tie done in bright red sequins and a rounded collar. This collection was really about color and about fabric, showing silks, wools, and velvets in a range of warm jewel tones perfect for the chilliest days of fall. There were three main color palettes--red, blue, and green--and Sui kept each look within one of those palettes. This was no matchy-matchy monotone and there was no color blocking in sight. Take notes, because this wasn't just at Anna Sui: one of the biggest lessons we're taking from the shows is that there's nothing more glamorous than a play on pattern, and the brighter the better.

Anna Sui shows color blocking can be anything but minimal.
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Cara Delevigne sported one of the simpler looks of the collection, in a rich, leaf green velvet babydoll dress with the collar-of-the-moment, the mock turtleneck, and a kaleidoscopic, scalloped checkerboard print. With blouson sleeves and a bubble hem, the dress is almost casual, but the rich, iridescent velvet elevates it from special to special occasion. Styled with a heavy pendant and a girly ponytail, we could definitely see this dress on a red carpet, being worn expertly by one of our favorite young actresses (paging Elle Fanning). As is the case with many mod-inspired connections, amid the fun, youthful vigor of the clothes there is also a certain devil may care, ready for anything vibe, like at any point the models could break out into their earlier dance moves. We wouldn't have been entirely surprised to have seen such a thing, given the performances at other shows, but alas, we were forced to live with a parade of gorgeous, sumptuous clothes. With cuts appropriate for the streets of Manhattan to the most glamorous dance floors, I'm confident when I saw that we'll be seeing these rich pieces a lot come fall.

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