Watch Rihanna's River Island London Fashion Week Show Debut Live!

Rihanna River Island

Rihanna in her River Island collection.
Photo: Rihanna's Instragram

Rihanna Navy, clear your Saturday plans! Today we found out that RiRi will debut her River Island collection at London Fashion Week this weekend. Eeee! The best part, though, is that we can all watch it from the comfort of our own home—River Island will be livestreaming the ENTIRE. SHOW. on their Facebook page starting at 3:30 PM EST. Now, we've already gotten a tiny taste of the collection thanks to her behind-the-scenes video and campaign shoot (above), but we're still SO STOKED at what we'll end up seeing on the runway.

Judging from the jumpsuit Rihanna wore in December and the campaign pic from her collection, we're guessing her River Island collection is going to be filled with tons of comfy streetwear-inspired ensembles with a touch of '90s grunge edge. We're huge fans of RiRi's day-to-day style, so we expect that this collection will match her killer fashion sense, and we're PUMPED. After the show, you'll be able to snatch up her pieces starting March 5, which is, like, BARELY ANY TIME AWAY, Y'ALL. So, on Saturday be sure to check out our Twitter and Instagram for all the #RIHANNAFORRIVERISLAND live updates! See you then. xoxo

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