Demi Lovato Rocks Studded Orthopedic Boot To Topshop Party

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato wears a studded orthopedic boot over her leg cast.
Photo: Courtesy of @jaredeng's Instagram

Demi Lovato is basically the patron saint of the "Keep On Keepin' On" mentality. No matter what hurdles life throws her way, D turns them into speed bumps and skates over them with a huge smile and a heavy-handed pour of style. Case and point: this studded orthopedic boot she wore over her foot cast to last night's Topshop celebration in Los Angeles. In case you need some catching up, Demi incurred a very sadface foot/lower-leg injury after a nasty fall, and since then, has been rocking a black cast and boot combo. But Miss Lovato is a style queen and refuses to let the clunkiness of modern medicine get her fashion game down, especially when she's about to perform for L.A.'s first free-standing Topshop!

It seems Demi's Topshop addiction has paid off in spades (that or she's been the UK fashion house's stealth brand rep this whole time) as she'll take the stage in honor of the newest store opening at famous L.A. shopping center The Grove. Obviously she couldn't turn an opportunity like that down no matter her physical state, she's made the most of her situation and gussied up her ortho boot with silver pyramids studs. WERQUE IT, GURL.

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