Last Minute DIY Valentine's Day Nail Art Ideas!

Valentine's Day Nail

Photo: Via XOXO Alexa Leigh

Welp, if you got totally wrapped up in the New York Fashion Week/Grammys storm (like us!), you've miiight've forgotten about a lovely little thing called Valentine's Day happening tomorrow. If you have a killer date/girl's night planned and still want into get into the holiday spirit, we've got some super cute last-minute DIY options to get your nail game on POINT before the big day. One of our favorite looks is this blue and white heart mani (above) with a different design on every digit. We love how it's mod-inspired AND isn't in the traditional pink and white color scheme. (Also, if you want to keep it simple, just pick one of these designs and do it on all your fingers!)

If you're CUH-RAZY in love, we're obsessed with this fierce pink leopard mani with a heart accent nail. It's equally badass as it cute, and it's an amazing way to show off your killer nail art skills. #WERK

Valentine's Day Nail

Photo: Via Swag Nails

Got white nail polish? Got a black Sharpie? Well, you've got yourself a mani! Use a black marker to make tiny hearts on basically ANY polish, and TA-DA! You've got some super cute digits in seconds flat.

Valentine's Day Nail

Photo: Via Move Slightly

Here's the perfect Valentine's Day manicure for our super fashion-y ladies: the Comme des Garçons signature heart logo in nail form! Eeee. It's definitely got that V-Day holiday spirit but with an oh-so-cute fashion twist. LOVE. (Heh.)

Valentine's Day Nail

Photo: Via Nail Side

Where my goth girls at? We love this slate grey and black heart mani accented with triangle tips. It's a totally fresh take on the traditionally lovey-dovey design.

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