Shateria Moragne-El Presents Her ‘Tomboy Chic’ FrontRow Fall 2013 Collection At Fashion Week

Shateria Moragne-El takes her final bow at FrontRow.
Photo: Getty Images

You might know Shateria Moragne-el from her work as a talented stylist. Or even perhaps as Rick Ross’s rumored main lady. But you should know that Shateria has translated her eye for style into a banner transition to design. Her line, FrontRow, just presented and celebrated its Fall 2013 collection, fittingly with a star-studded front row. The Mastermind Rozay attended (who BTW was clad in a custom FrontRow peacoat with a croc lapel) as did Waka Flocka Flame. After a parade of covetable and UNDOUBTEDLY expensive ensembles dripping in leather and plushy furs, we actually got a chance to chat with Shateria about her creations!

Looks from FrontRow’s Fall 2012 New York Fashion Week show.
Photo: Getty Images

Leather is definitely not a new thing for FrontRow, Shateria’s been known to wield the luxury material with a heavy hand, but her take on it is refreshing, rendering it into silhouettes often reserved for sweats and jerseys. The combination yields pieces that look put-together but still comfortable. “Honestly, my signature, is basically, like, ’tomboy chic,’ so I do a lot with sporty stuff but then dress it up,” she explained for elaborating on the Fall 2013 collection, “This time, I really wanted to add a little sexy in it, and make it a little versatile.” She revealed that the inspiration for the sexiness of the latest collection came from a recent trip to Bordeaux, France, “It’s probably the sexiest place I’ve ever been!”

Shateria titled this collection “C.R.E.A.M.” (which when following a quote like that elicits all sorts of other connotations), and opened the show with a sample from the eponymous legendary Wu-Tang Clan track. She explained that she also works intimately on the runway soundtrack, “Music is everything to me, so I have to do my own playlist for my shows.” Her love of music is evident, too, from the company she keeps as well as it being integral to her design process, “I listen to music when I design. All the time! I like rap, R&B, pop, all genres, really.” When we asked for any specific favorites, she cheekily answered, “I don’t really have many specifics, but Maybach Music Group is my favorite,” and gave us a big *WINK* before running off to the next interview.

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