Demi Lovato Reveals Edgy 'Heart Attack' Single Art Style

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato's "Heart Attack" single art.
Photo: Hollywood Records

Oh dear, sweet Demi Lovato. How we've missed you. Though, judging from this edgy album art for your new forthcoming single "Heart Attack," maybe "sweet" isn't the kind of adjective you're looking for anymore. Demi's the kind of person who embraces the breadth of human emotion, and accordingly, is unafraid to express it. That said, while we had grown accustomed to the goth-glam-meets-boho Demi of yesteryear, we know her style (along with her music) is constantly evolving and are loving every shape-shifting moment of it.

On the art and in the corresponding video teaser, a back-to-brunette Lovato serves so much Tyra smize realness behind the loose ends of her mane, piled high and a bit haphazardly on top of her head. The queen of impenetrable beauty game works a dramatic smoky eye + strong brow combination over fair, lightly flushed cheeks and glossy, natural pink lips. Also, her nails are neat, short, and the shiniest black. As far as actual wearables, Demi's sporting a blue leather dress (or top? We can really only see a shoulder and a wrist) with sheer inset panels. The color pops against Demi's ivory set but not so much as to overwhelm. She accessorizes with a beaded collar necklace sprinkled (as we spied in the video) with baby safety pins. OooOoOohh, punkyyyy. So the song doesn't officially drop until March 4, but at least we have this new look and single art to ogle and unpack while we wait!

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