Snooki Designed Valentine's Day Jewelry For Her Snooki Couture Accessories Collection

Snooki Couture

The Snooki Couture Valentine's Day jewelry from her Daily Glam collection.
Photo: Courtesy of @snookinic's Instagram/StyleQueen

Valentine's Day is right around the corner (just two days away!), and while it's a little late for us to be helping you out with the gifting portion of this holiday (hint: none of these), we can offer a little advice in the way of what to wear. Or rather, Snooki can. As part of the Daily Glam collection of her Snooki Couture by Nicole Polizzi accessories line, the Princess of Poughkeepsie included heart and kissy lip-shaped, rhinestone covered baubles that are perfect for this week's lovey dovey holiday.

Maybe it's just us, but for a girl who's been known to describe her own style as "gaudy tacky and extremely out there," these V-Day gems and jewels are actually kind of normal? And totally do-able for the average non-meatball human? Sure, this SWAK bracelet is definitely a statement piece (as is the matching SWAK pendant Snooks is wearing in the accompanying picture), but the lip motif isn't an absolutely crazy one and can be carried over long past the Cupid-centric season.

Need to go even MORE subdued? Nicole also has heart options in both pink and clear. Who doesn't like heart?? Spoiler alert: no one. Her XOXO pink pendant necklace is Valentine's Day festive but can easily transcend long after the most difficult night of the year to make dinner reservations. And these pave heart studs? They're practically everyday staples, AMIRITE?? Check out more pieces from Snooki's Daily Glam collection at!

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