Rihanna Bares All In New Video For "Stay"

A still from Rihanna's "Stay" Video.
Photo: Island Def Jam/Vevo

There's been much ado made about how unbelievably beautiful Rihanna is. Having seen her in person myself, I can attest to the fact that nobody is exaggerating—Rihanna is insanely gorgeous. It seems to radiate out of her in that way that seems to be particular to the very, very famous, and it stops your mind a little bit. One of the main reasons for this, though, is that Rihanna doesn't need to rely on a lot of makeup pyrotechnics to make her look extraordinary—she's got everything she needs already. In her new video for "Stay," Rihanna goes sans makeup, proving to the entire world what we already knew, which is that any bells and whistles a makeup artist adds to that face are really just that. While going minimal makeup is hardly news, going NO makeup in HD is keeping things really real. HD cameras are not forgiving, ya'll. Rihanna still, of course, looks amazing, and now women all over the world know that she has pores. Can you believe that? RIHANNA HAS PORES?! *Slaps palm to forehead because society is sad* Her bare face isn't the only thing that's naked in the video though. Rihanna is in the bath throughout the clip, and you can get a good look at almost all of her shoes through water. A little scandalous, yes, but more beautiful than anything. The "Stay" video is stark, and beautiful, and as emotional as the song, which is one of our favorites off of Unapologetic. Although we love the epic "We Found Love" video, we have to say it's nice to see Rihanna harnessing the emotional weight of this song. Watch the full video after the jump!

Mykki Ekko in still from Rihanna's "Stay" Video.
Photo: Island Def Jam/Vevo

The "Stay" Video has also cemented the entire MTV Style team's crush on Mikky Ekko in such a huge way it's kind of embarrassing. Like, can you just be our boyfriend please? The singer, unlike Rihanna, IS wearing clothes in the video, and he keeps it simple in a white henley, his tousled curls, and just a hint of a 5 o'clock shadow.

What do you think of Rihanna's video for "Stay"

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