Frank Ocean Channels Richie Tenenbaum For 2013 Grammys Performance

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean and Richie Tenenbaum.
Photo: Getty Images/Touchstone Pictures

Umm. Is it just us or is Frank Ocean's 2013 Grammys performance look tooootally channeling Richie Tenenbaum (Luke Wilson)? Not to, like, completely debase Ocean's earnest live rendition of "Forrest Gump," but we couldn't help but see the resemblance to the brooding Wes Anderson character. This might also be because The Royal Tenenbaums are often at the forefront of our minds when refering to Frank because of his Instagram handle: francistenenbaum. Either way, seeing the two looks side-by-side really hammers the point home. Between the nautical striped sweatband and the light-colored suit (though, Ocean opts for a pastel yellow over Richie's tawny camel), the likeness is unmistakable, AMIRITE??

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean filming his electronic 2013 Grammys backdrop.
Photo: Courtesy of @francistenenbaum's Instagram

Coupling Tenenbaums with Forrest Gump (by way of the song and the pre-taped digital projection across his backdrop and piano) would SEEM like enough cinematic references for one performance, but the baby blue ruffled shirting under the suit is kinda sorta giving us Dumb & Dumber formal wear vibes. (To be honest, the whole set-up gave us flashbacks to Late Night with Conan O'Brien desk driving, but that's neither here nor there.) Whatever the influences Frank was pulling in for his Grammys performance steez, the eclectic mix gelled in only the way Ocean and his unsurmisable taste can achieve. What did YOU think of Frank Ocean's performance look?

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