2 Chainz Channels Dracula In Versace At 2013 Grammys [Video]

2 Chainz

2 Chainz at the 2013 Grammy Awards in L.A. on Feb. 10.
Photo: MTV/ Spirithalloween.com

2 Chainz, is that you?! We know, we know. We all just watched the rapper hit the Grammys red carpet mere minutes dressed in a VERY high fashion ensemble— Versace, to be specific. But is it just us or is everyone else sensing some major vampire vibes radiating off of this entire look? From his oversized cape (with blood red lining, natch) all the way down to the vintage gold baubles and statement belt, the similarities are undeniable: 2 Chainz is TOTALLY channeling Count Dracula! We're thinking he's leaning more toward the Halloween costume-inspired vampire muse (like the photo above) rather than, say, Edward Cullen. But when you consider this is the guy who regularly inserts fashion references into his lyrics, not to mention raps about Versace regularly, this decidedly blinged-out vamp look weirdly makes complete sense.

Remember when 2 Chainz performed at the 2012 VMAs with Lil Wayne, back when he was taking cues from Donny Thornberry? So who knows: maybe he decided to take a nod from Weezy and pursue his own unexpected style icon. Either way, he's committed ENTIRELY to the look, and we love it. And the best part is, 2 Chainz told our MTV Style red carpet correspondent Karlie Kloss that he owns all of the jewelry himself (which is practically unheard of these days, when basically everyone wears borrowed gems to award shows), meaning he's rocking these loooong past Halloween. Yo Dracula, you jealous?

MTV | 2 Chainz Shows Off His Red Carpet Fashion


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