Andrej Pejic's Galore Tee Kicks Off Collaboration T-Shirt Line

Andrej Pejic and her Galore collab t-shirt.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of Galore/Prince and Jacob

The world of fashion collaborations isn't limited to pop stars and rappers. Not if Andrej Pejic has anything to do with it. The androgynous model has teamed up with Galore magazine's Prince Chenoa and Jacob Dekat for the collaborative tee she wore to the Galore Fashion Week party earlier this week, kicking off what Pejic has told us will evolve into a full line of t-shirts. "I've definitely always wanted to launch something in fashion," Pejic explained, "This t-shirt with Galore is just a warm up, actually, since I plan to start my own line of t-shirts. I'm launching it with my website that will be up in a month. I decided I needed to be more interactive with my fans since nobody knows my fans better than I do. I want to be able to communicate with them so it'll feature a blog and news updates." Exciting!

It's a wonder why more models don't venture into the design aspect of fashion, given that they're around it all. the. time. and experiencing so many variant aesthetics. Think of all the eclectic new labels they could launch! It's a fantastic idea, but one we don't see much of (for now). With the model/designer title being such a rare one, we were especially interested to hear more about Pejic's forthcoming t-shirt line. "The t-shirts will be limited edition," she revealed, "I'll basically be collaborating with a number of different photographers. They'll shoot me but I'll choose the theme and it will feature my ideas—the graphics, the styling, the writing on the shirt. I'm keeping a tight eye on everything creatively. It's more pressure but I also want it to not just be fashion, I want it to be artistic."

As for the Andrej x Galore shirt, it's available aaaaall New York Fashion Week at the Galore Pop-Up Pinup Shop (440 Lafayette St., between 4th St. and Astor Pl., Hours: 11am-7pm), so if you're in town (and not sludging through Nemo's blizzard mix, of course), you better stop by before they're all gone! And for Andrej herself, it looks like her creative ambitions don't stop at tees, "I'd also love to do a calendar some day, and I think posters would be cute, too," she told us, "I'm really excited." Umm, HAI. Us, too!

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