Meet The Band That Performed At Timo Weiland's Fall 2013 Show: Cable

Timo Weiland Cable

Cable's Tracy Antonopoulos and Ben Morsberger at the Timo Weiland Fall 2013 New York Fashion Week show on Feb. 7.
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Yeah, we'll say it: We're bummed there aren't more live performances during New York Fashion Week. I mean, with all the models strutting their stuff to killer music, why not bring in the actual musicians to perform the songs? *shrugs* We may never know the answer, but we're super psyched for the designers that do go that extra mile to bring their dope tracks to life. See: Timo Weiland's fall 2013 womenswear show. The duo behind the brand (Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein) chose New York-based band Cable to rock out while the models walked in oxblood leather dresses, shearling-lined jackets and bold red equestrian hats. Tracy Antonopoulos and Ben Morsberger make up the rock 'n roll-meets-pop band who have only been formally playing shows together since December (!!!), but we caught up with them to get ALL the deets behind their new music. (And if you're wondering, yes, it's the same Tracy who made that amazing Opening Ceremony Spring/Summer 2010 film with Jason Schwartzman and Kirsten Dunst.) Let's get to it!

MTV Style: It's your first ever live show at New York Fashion Week! How did you get this gig with Timo?

Tracy Antonopoulos: Our friend Adrien—who did all the music for Timo's show last season—was doing them again this season, and he brought up this idea. He said, "I know this band, I think you'd love them," and then he played him the track, and he really liked it. We had a couple meetings and then we booked a studio to show him our live show, and then he said, "Let's do it live."

LOVE. IT. How do you think Timo's fall 2013 collection relates to your music?

He's really good at doing laid back designs with details that make it really cool and original, which I feel like is what we go for it in our music—originality.

Timo Weiland Cable

Tracy Antonopoulos and Ben Morsberger from Cable.
Photo: MTV

Um, you NEED to tell us about this dress you performed in! Is it from the fall 2013 collection?


Who picked it out?

We both picked it. Well, I was going to wear a different dress until this morning, but it was in this print I really liked. But last night I got a text from him and he was like, "I think I have something more amazing," so I went there this morning to try it. I had already picked out a dress that was this cut, but since it was being used in the show I couldn't wear it. So he said he had one with the cut and the print that I liked, and it has Swarovski crystals all over it.

Whoa. Did you have to have it custom fit to you?

It's funny because I think we realized that I'm the same size as the fit model, so it happened to actually just fit perfectly. It was crazy, though, because it was being made up until the last hour today. I went to midtown where their factory is, and tried it on while the women were still sewing it.

Timo Weiland Cable

Tracy Antonopoulos' glitter creepers.
Photo: MTV

Amazing! And those glitter creepers? Where are those from?

Trash and Vaudeville!


To find out more info on Cable, be sure to check out their Tumblr and Twitter pages.

Timo Weiland fall 2013

Looks from the Timo Weiland Fall 2013 New York Fashion Week show on Feb. 7.
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