Mark McNairy A/W 2013 Lookbook Shoot With Angel Haze [Video]

mark mcnairy angel haze

Mark McNairy and Angel Haze at the Mark McNairy Fall 2013 Lookbook shoot.
Photo: MTV

Mark McNairy is a goddamned boon. The bespectacled, becammo'd designer makes womenswear that upholds every tenet of why we love him as a menswear designer. It's maddeningly rare but dude just gets it and his cannily shrunken, sleek silhouettes for A/W 2013 are proof. That he invited one of our favorite new artists Angel Haze to follow in the footsteps of the hilarious-and-all-around-GREAT-for-morale Danny Brown to model his latest, made his A/W look book shoot that much more enticing. We're grateful to have been granted access to poke around with our cameras.

Most of y'all know we've been stoking a healthy Twitter-stalk of Mark and Angel's budding friendship for weeks but even we were surprised to see how intimate and collaborative the process was. Sure, we were all in close quarters but there was an awesome back-and-forth between the entire crew (which also included Mark's lovely and intelligent daughter Daisy) about styling details, what shoes made more sense and whether we plain liked what hat went with what pants. Angel's hysterical and outspoken glam squad weighed in heavily... as is a glam squad's wont (LOVE YOU; MEAN IT).

Angel, who describes her personal style as androgynous, flipped for the outerwear and a pair of red Oxfords. And Daisy—who also modeled—recounted how much she loves working with her father and how they influence each other's personal style and design. A/W 2013 sees shrewd contours and heavily patterned details. There are blazers, trousers (both loose and lean), crisp shirting, clean wool coats, graphic tees, sweats, and Oxfords galore and the line also includes feminine counterpoints like skirts and oversized V-necks worn as dresses. Of course the tailored-sportswear/post-modern traditional aesthetic was featured throughout. You're going to have to watch the video for EXCLUSIVE footage of the clothes so peep that. It's only going to whet your appetite for his full A/W show at New York Fashion Week on Monday. CANNOT. WAIT.

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