Ke$ha Sports Cat Sweater, Hat, Whiskers; Solidifies Bona Fide Cat Lady Status

Ke$ha in Japan!
Photo: Ke$ha’s Instagram

Dang! Just when we thought we knew all the biggest cat ladies in the game, Ke$ha pops up with THIS insane photo (above) to give all the other feline fanatics a serious run for their money. (We’re looking at you, Taylor Swift.) While visiting Japan, K-Money got DECKED. OUT. in all the finest cat fashions including a black sweater with a cat face on it, a black beanie with studded cat ears, and a KILLER sparkly pink cat eye. ME-OW. But, that doesn’t even count all the pieces around her—peep those cute cat slippers, gloves, tea pot, and gosh knows what else! Our hearts cannot handle all this cat amazingness. Must. Visit. Japan. Immediately.

Ke$ha in Japan as a cat.
Photo: Ke$ha’s Instagram

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any crazier, Ke$ha took it to the next level (like she always does!) and painted cat whiskers on her face. And then… licked her hand like it was a paw. I mean, we love cats too but, like, becoming an actual cat is a whole other thing. Should we be worried? KE$HA HAVE YOU GONE COMPLETELY CAT CRAZY?! We’re here for you, girl. But tell us, do you like Ke$ha’s cat-themed clothing and accessories? Let us know in the comments below!

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