Beyonce And Her Whole Clique Really Love Leather

Beyonce, Destiny's Child, Tina Knowles

Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, and Tina Knowles are a leather-loving clique.
Photo: Courtesy of @baddiebey's Instagram

Ain't nobody f****** with Beyonce's clique. King Bey posted this Instagram of her posing with her Destiny's Child ladies Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, her mom Tina Knowles, and her cousin Angela Beyincé yesterday with the caption "#myclique." Not only do we love this because images of lady boss posses are hard for us to ignore, but we also need to point out that every woman in this photo is wearing black leather in one iteration or another.

Sure, leather isn't exactly news, especially around this time of the year. The luxury material usually finds its height around the cold-weather seasons, and Bey in particular is very partial to the stuff — having worn it at several major appearances in the past few months from this past weekend's Super Bowl halftime show to her surprise guest stint at Jay-Z's closing Barclays show.

The rampant leather in this picture is, we think, especially noteworthy now in light of PETA's remarks concerning Beyonce's Rubin Singer creations for the Super Bowl. Earlier this week, the animal rights organization issued a statement against Bey's python and iguana leather performance outfit. We don't want to put any words in mouths, but rumor mongers that we are, we REALLY like thinking that this snap is more than just a clique shot from this Destiny's Child reunion photoshoot and that the photo is also a response to any qualms with Beyonce's choice to wear leather. BUT this could also just be a huge coincidence and we're making something out of nothing. *shrugs* What do you think?

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