Cop Beyonce's Super Bowl Rehearsal Leggings Before They Sell Out

Beyonce's Super Bowl rehearsal leggings.
Photo: Courtesy of Beyonce's Tumblr/Unica Melrose

In all our tracking of Beyonce's journey to her Super Bowl halftime performance, we've chronicled just about every drop of fashion-juice we could squeeze from this thing. From early predictions of her stage ensemble to deets on her backup dancers' gold manicures in pre-recorded holographic backdrops and just about every little rehearsal style moment in between. Everything except these amazeballs, geometric print leggings. That's because (much like Bey's world tour ticket pre-sale) they're selling out everywhere!!

The head-turning RVN black and white jacquard knit legging in this behind-the-scenes snap of Mrs. Carter preparing for her Super Bowl halftime show have eluded us for weeks, but we stayed on the scent until finally (finally!!!) digging them up at Unica Melrose for quite the pretty penny at $184 retail. And even then, they're only available in size large and who knows how many actual pieces are in stock. Regardless, these suckers are STILL AVAILABLE (for now) somewhere, and we felt it was our duty to share that with you. Do with the information what you will.

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