Lizzy Caplan Spoofs Fashion Films In Viva Vena's New Video

Lizzy Caplan

Lizzy Caplan in Viva Vena's new fashion film
Photo: Via Matthew Frost Vimeo.

Just as the curtain of runway glamour opens on New York City and street style peacocking invades sidewalks, the internet has officially bestowed a lump of GOLD onto our laps! This virtual gem comes courtesy of Veva Cava, who are serving up a refreshing New York Fashion Week palette cleanser with their new campaign for Viva Vena. Starring our MTV Style crush Lizzy Caplan, this clever, hilarious, and totally good-humored parody of "serious" fashion films hits all the right notes, starting with the faux "Best Fashion Film Festival Ever" award at the beginning to her oh-so-trendy flower crown idly floating away at the end (~*symbolism*~). These vintage typewriters, ribbon dancing, and Lizzy's empty expressions might be hilarious, but you know what's NOT a joke? Viva Vena's really cute clothes, which debut later this month. For now, watch the video in all its tongue-in-cheek glory below and just TRY not to crack up...

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